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As Ash and Iris stand outside the subway entrance, a man who works at the subway runs out and asks if they are Ash and Iris before bringing them to another train bound for Nimbasa Central Station. While on the platform at the station, Axew spots Erina and the two of them share a happy reunion. Much to Ash's surprise, Cilan walks up, accompanied by Ingo and Emmet. When Iris queries about Cilan's progress in the stamp rally, Cilan begins to panic as he realizes that he has yet to acquire his Axew stamp. Unfortunately, the contest ends at that precise moment, leaving Cilan one stamp short. As Cilan laments the loss of his childhood dream, Erina offers him her Axew stamp, and Ingo and Emmet agree to have a [[Multi Battle|Tag Battle]] with Cilan and Ash.
With a click, the Subway Bosses transform an ordinary looking subway car into a full battlefield. The battle begins with Emmet's {{p|Eelektross}} and Ingo's {{p|Chandelure}} against {{AP|Tepig}} and {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}}. The battle gets off to a quick and very heated start, with fierce attacks and combinations from both teams. Tepig lands a {{m|Flame Charge}} on Eelektross. While Pansage readies a {{m|Solar Beam}}, Chendelure replies with {{m|Smog}} which causes Pansage to misfire. As Pansage tries to regain its breath, Chandelure tries a {{m|Will-o-Wisp}}. Tepig counters with {{m|Flamethrower}}, destroying the oncoming attack. Eelektross manages to recover and douses its opponent with an {{m|Acid}} attack. Cilan finds the Subway Bosses’ techniques to be incredibly precise, so he calls for some evaluation time. Cilan has Pansage swing into action, firing a {{m|Bullet Seed}} at its opponents. Tepig follows on with a Flame Charge. Emmet has Eelektross electrify the train bars with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}, knocking Pansage into Tepig’s path. Ingo calls for a {{p|Psychic}} attack to hold Tepig and Pansage in place as Eelektross lashes them with a Thunderbolt. Although Pansage and Tepig display impressive combination attacks, Ingo and Emmet emerge victorious from the battle. That evening, outside the subway station, Ingo informs them that the Driftveil Drawbridge has been repaired. Before going to sleep at the Pokémon Center, the group takes a ride on the Ferris wheel and Ash excitedly anticipates his upcoming battle in [[Driftveil City]].
==Major events==