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===Death and revival: 2001–2002===
The original site was shut down at the beginning of 2001, when the collapse of the {{wp|dot-com bubble}} caused severe web advertising trouble for the vast majority of Pokémon sites, including most of Bulbagarden's major rivals. The advertising issue left [[Anenga (person)|Bulba]] unable to pay for the server. The files were held in stasis on the server until the beginning of February, during which time the then-forum head admin [[{{u|Archaic]]}} launched a desperate bid to fund the server for just one more month, enough to be allowed access to the files again and to make a forum backup.
In late 2002, following significant downtime on the part of [[]], ''Mozz'' and Archaic began to plan for the revival of Bulbagarden, with Mozz providing the initial funding. They obtained permission from Bulba, and Archaic began inviting staff members and well-known users from other fansites to join the staff for the new site. A large group of staff members of The PokéMasters, dissatisfied with the situation on that site at the time, chose to join Archaic's project.
This is a current list of Bulbagarden's senior staff.
* [[{{u|Archaic]]}} - Bulbagarden {{bp|Webmasters|Webmaster}}
* {{u|evkl}} - Bulbagarden Chief of Staff
* {{u|Kogoro}} - Bulbagarden Chief of Staff, Bulbapedia {{bp|Editor-in-Chief}}, Archives Liaison