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In the manga
[[File:Kanto Elite Four Adventures.png|110px|thumb|Kanto Elite Four in Pokémon Adventures]]
===={{chap|Red, Green & Blue}}====
The Kanto Elite Four, consisting of [[Lorelei]], [[Bruno]], [[Lance]], and [[Agatha]], made their debut in ''[[PS040|A Charizard...and a Champion]]'', watching the final battle between {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Blue}}.
The Kanto Elite Four served as the primary antagonists for this chapter. They are each said to be so powerful that the triad leaders of [[Team Rocket]], [[Koga]], [[Lt. Surge]], and [[Sabrina]], all had to begrudgingly team up with the protagonists and [[Blaine]] to take just a single one of them.
===={{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}====
{{incomplete|needs={{EF|FlintAaron}}, also[[Bertha]], appearedand [[Lucian]] debuted in this chapter., Whatwhere hasthey hewere beenenlisted doingby the [[Pokémon Association]] Chairman to decode the ancient writings in this[[Charon]]'s chapter?memobook. Meanwhile, Flint accompanied [[Volkner]] to the [[Distortion World]] so that they could battle {{p|Giratina}}.
{{EF|Aaron}}, [[Bertha]], and [[Lucian]] debuted in this chapter, where they were enlisted by the [[Pokémon Association]] Chairman to decode the ancient writings in [[Charon]]'s memobook.
===={{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}====
===={{chap|Black & White}}====
The Unova Elite Four first appeared in this chapter as {{adv|Black}} cited them during his daily pledge. However, they haven't appeared to the main characters as a group yet. Besides [[Caitlin]], who already appeared in the ''Platinum'' chapter, [[Grimsley]] meets Black, [[Shauntal]] meets {{adv|White}}, and [[Marshal]] meets both on different occasions. All four converged for the duration of the [[Pokémon League (Unova)|Unova League]] tournament that would have determined the Trainer that would challenge them. They also participated in the battle against [[Team Plasma]] and the [[Forces of Nature]] when [[N's Castle]] rose from the ground.
===={{chap|X & Y}}====
The first Kalos Elite Four member to appear is [[Malva]], who appeared in person in this chapter. [[Drasna]], [[Wikstrom]], and [[Siebold]] were mentioned by [[Diantha]] during her conversation with [[Gurkinn]] and [[Korrina]]. Siebold later appeared in the [[Lost Hotel]], cooking a meal for {{adv|X}} and {{adv|Y}}'s friends, as a way of apologizing for his lack of participation against [[Team Flare]]. Wikstrom and Drasna later appeared in person, assisting X and Y's group in their quest to stop Team Flare. Drasna gave them information about {{p|Zygarde}} and Wikstrom used his {{p|Probopass}} to guide them to Team Flare's hideout at the [[Pokémon Village]].
===In the Pokémon Zensho manga===