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Ash Ketchum

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In the movie adaptations
Since Ash and his Pikachu have appeared in every animated Pokémon movie to date, likewise, Ash is the main character in every [[Pokémon manga#Movie manga adaptations|Pokémon movie manga adaptation]]. The same applies to Ash's team as they made similar appearances.
===In the Pocket Monsters manga===
Ash appears as a main character in {{ma|New series|Pocket Monsters}}, playing the same role as he does in the anime.
=====On hand=====
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| {{ActivePoké|Ash|Pikachu|Ash Pikachu SSM.png|electric}}
| {{ActivePoké|Ash|Charizard|Ash Charizard SSM.png|fire}}
| {{ActivePoké|Ash|Greninja|Ash Greninja SSM.png|water}}
| {{ActivePoké|Ash|Rowlet|Ash Rowlet SSM.png|grass}}
| {{ActivePoké|Ash|Lycanroc|Ash Lycanroc SSM.png|rock}}
==In the TCG==