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Pop/Pop Max
{{wp|Pop Max}} began airing the Pokémon anime on 1 January 2018 with episodes from the {{series|Best Wishes}}. It has since also aired on the main {{wp|Pop (UK and Ireland)|Pop}} channel, showing episodes of the ''Best Wishes'' series and the {{series|XY}} beginning in 2018. Starting on 29 October 2018, Pop Max has started airing the ''XY'' series.
Starting on 4 March 20182019, Pop and Pop Max have started airing the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}. These airings are cropped by Sony Pictures Television into the 16:9 aspect ratio from their original 4:3 ratio, meaning parts of the footage are cut out. Starting in May 2019, Pop and Pop Max have started airing the [[original series]] with the same aspect ratio situation.
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