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Cheren appears numerous times throughout the game, such as in {{ci|Driftveil}} and [[Opelucid City]], as well as {{rt|21|Unova}}. He gives the player and Hugh advice and guidance on the current situation, such as the freezing of Opelucid City, where [[Drayden]] learns of Cheren's ascension to the position of Aspertia Gym Leader.
After the player enters the [[Hall of Fame]], Cheren can be found at [[Pinwheel Forest]], investigating the activities of [[Team Plasma]]. He will accompany the player as a [[Multi Battle]] partner. After encountering [[Gorm]], Cheren will thank the player with an [[Upgrade|Up-Grade]] and then return to the [[Aspertia Gym]].
He can be called on the [[Xtransceiver]] to give the player advice on types and {{Abilities}}.
* After Gorm left
:''"You know... If it wasn't for Ghetsis, he might've chosen another path... Or maybe not. He was the one who decided to follow Ghetsis, after all..."''
:''"That aside, thank you! You have made this investigation go smoothly. [[Up-GradeUpgrade|This]] is my thanks! Come on, just take it!"''
:''"OK! Be seeing you!"''