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:''For the books, see [[Pokémon: Sinnoh Hall of Fame]] and [[Pokémon Hall of Fame (book)]].''
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[[File:Hall of Fame B2W2.png|thumb|right|Entering the Hall of Fame in {{game|Black and White|s 2|Pokémon Black 2 and White 2}}]]
The '''Hall of Fame''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|殿堂入り|でんどういり}}''' ''Induction to the Hall of Fame'') is a record kept by the [[Pokémon League]] of all the [[Pokémon Trainer]]s who have ever beaten the [[Elite Four]] and the [[Pokémon Champion]]. Various data regarding the victorious Trainer is recorded. The Hall of Fame iswas in a room accessible from the Champion's room, andprior to [[Generation VII]]. It may be accessed by people who have entered it by way of [[PC]].
==Data recorded==
===Generation VI===
After defeating the [[Elite Four]], the player's party is saved in the Hall of Fame. Stored data for each party member includes species, gender, level, nickname, Original Trainer, moves, and held items. Similarly to Generation V, a maximum of 15 [[Elite Four]] clears can be recorded at any time, as well as the First Game Clear. The data is deleted using the {{wp|FIFO|First In, First Out}} method.
===Generation VII===
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In [[Generation VII]] the Hall of Fame is no longer an actual place. Instead, when [[Hau]] or [[Professor Kukui]] is defeated in battle, the screen transitions into each Pokémon in the party, and their levels, displayed as multicolored shooting stars before transitioning to the player looking around at the stars, with the message <code>Congratulations! You are the first-ever Champion of Alola!</code> or <code>Congratulations! You defended your title!</code>(if the last battle was a title defense).
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===Generations I-III===
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* The "Congratulations" screen in the [[Generation V]] games shows the player with one of their {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}; After showing one battle animation cycle, it rotates the Pokémon off-screen to the left and the next Pokémon takes its place from the right. This is similar to what occurs in the title screen of {{game2|Red|Green|Blue}}..
* The [[Alola]]n {{al|Pokémon League}} is the only League which does not have a separate room for the Hall of Fame.
* Alola is the only region where the Hall of Fame entries cannot be viewed from the player's [[PC]]. Instead, the player can view them by talking to an NPC outside of the Pokémon League.
==In other languages==