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==In spin-off games==
===Pokémon Shuffle===
In [[Pokémon Shuffle]], the Slowbronite allows the player to [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]] {{p|Slowbro}}.
The player can obtain the Slowbronite by defeating Mega Slowbro in Stage 45 found on [[Isla Azul]].
The Slowbronite enables the following Mega Evolution:
{{ShuffleMegaStone/entry|080|Slowbro|Psychic|Adds one more Mega Slowbro above the match.|note=Actually converts the tiles directly above all other Mega Slowbro into a Mega Slowbro. This effect can replace any disruption in the tile above and counts as erasing the content of the tile for damage, but does not affect black-cloud disruptions. Does nothing if the above tile is empty.|{{tt|16|18 prior to Version 1.4.6 (3DS)/1.10 (Mobile)}}|{{tt|6|4 prior to Version 1.4.6 (3DS)/1.10 (Mobile), 2 prior to Version 1.3.16 (3DS)/1.7.4 (Mobile)}}}}
==In the manga==