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Shadow Ball (move)

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|jtranslit=Shadō Bōru
|gameimage=Shadow Ball VIII.png
|gameimage2=Shadow Ball VIII 2.png
==In the anime==
===In the main series===
{{moveanime|type=ghost|exp=yes|gen=The user forms a black ball out of energy and fires it at the opponent.|image1=Gladion UmbreonGengar Shadow Ball.png|image1p=UmbreonGengar|image2=Trip Lampent Shadow Ball.png|image2p=Lampent|image4=Ursula Flareon Shadow Ball.png|image4p=Flareon|image3=Mewtwo Shadow Ball.png|image3p=Mewtwo}}
{{movep|type=ghost|ms=150|pkmn=Mewtwo|method=Mewtwo puts its hands together and forms a black ball of energy. Mewtwo then shoots it at the opponent.}}
{{movemid|type=ghost|user=Mewtwo (original series)|startcode=M01|startname=Mewtwo Strikes Back|notes=Debut}}
|genVI=Shadow Ball
|genVI2=Shadow Ball 2
|genVIISMUSUM=Shadow Ball VII
|genVII2SMUSUM2=Shadow Ball VII 2
|LGPE=Shadow Ball PE