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Unlike in the core series, Pokémon normally only have two [[Move#In Pokémon GO|moves]]: one Fast Attack and one Charged Attack. In both types of battles, Fast Attacks can be cast at any time, and the user gains {{OBP|energy|GO}} each cast. Charged Attacks are generally much stronger moves that cost energy to use. A Pokémon's moves are randomly assigned and can only be changed by using a [[TM#Pokémon GO|Fast TM]] or Charged TM to randomly learn a new Fast Attack or Charged Attack, respectively, replacing the old move. Since December 2018, players could have a Pokémon learn a second Charged Attack by spending a large amount of Stardust and Candy. Evolving a Pokémon randomly resets all of its moves.
For unknown reasons, {{p|Ditto}} and {{p|Shedinja}} are unusable in non-gym battles.
===Trainer level===
| October 2 - December 16, 2019
| [[Team GO Rocket]]
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| [[File:Pokémon GO Safety Screen 17.png|60px]]
| December 16, 2019 - January 2020 <br>February 3, 2020 - present
| Christmas 2019
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| [[File:Pokémon GO Safety Screen 18.png|60px]]
| January - February 3, 2020
| New Year 2020
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