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A '''Pokémon battle''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンバトル''' ''Pokémon battle''), often known as a '''Pokémon fight''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンしょうぶ''' ''Pokémon fight'') in the [[Generation I]] games, is a form of competition between {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. In these battles, one or more of the Pokémon is typically owned and [[Pokémon training|trained]] by a person, its [[Pokémon Trainer]], in order to win.
When a Pokémon [[fainting|faints]] in battle, its Trainer may send out another to take its place, drawn from his or hertheir [[party]].
Pokémon battles appear in most forms of Pokémon media, being the central gameplay aspect of the [[core series]] games, as well as being a constant focus of the {{pkmn|anime}}. Originally, a Pokémon battle would be a one-on-one fight between two Pokémon; however, variations on this model have been seen later on in the series, with Pokémon battles featuring multiple Pokémon on each side later being implemented in the games as well.
In the core series games, except [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]], normally when the player encounters a [[wild Pokémon]] they battle that Pokémon. (In Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!, as well as in the [[Safari Zone]] and [[Pal Park]] in other core series games, the player has the opportunity to catch the wild Pokémon but cannot battle it.) A battle between two Trainers starts when they make eye contact, which players can do by interacting with the other Trainer.
When a Pokémon [[Fainting|faints]] in battle, it may cause its opponent to gain [[experience]] or [[effort values]]. After all of either side's Pokémon have been defeated, the battle has been won, and the loser must pay out some amount of money to the winner, determined based on the level of the Pokémon and {{DL|Pokémon Trainer|Trainer class|type of Trainer}} defeated. In the core series games, if the player's Pokémon have all been defeated, he orthe sheplayer will [[black out]] (in [[Generation I]] and since [[Generation IV]]) or white out (in [[Generation II]] and [[Generation III]]), and be teleported back to the most recent [[Pokémon Center]] that was visited, or to his or hertheir home, if a Pokémon Center has not yet been visited.
Some battles, most notably link battles or battles in certain [[Battle facility|battle facilities]], will not affect the participating Pokémon's experience, EVs, or [[friendship]]. The battle's outcome will not cause money to be awarded to or deducted from participating trainers. Pokémon seen during these battles will not be registered in the [[Pokédex]]. Usually, [[bag]] [[item]]s are not allowed in these battles, and all Pokémon and [[held item]]s are restored after each battle.
[[File:Pokémon battle Moves SM.png|thumb|200px|The moves of a Pokémon displayed in the Fight menu]]
Selecting "Fight" will bring up another menu which allows the player to choose which of his or hertheir Pokémon's current [[move]]s is to be used during the turn. Depending on its remaining {{PP}}, a move may or may not be able to be selected; at least 1 PP is required to select the move. If all moves have 0 PP or are not usable for another reason, the Pokémon will use {{m|Struggle}}.
Once both sides have selected the moves they will use, the Pokémon currently in battle will make each of their moves in turn, with the move with the highest [[priority]] going first, and the one with the lowest priority going last. If multiple Pokémon use moves of the same priority, then they will move in order of decreasing {{stat|Speed}}, unless {{m|Trick Room}} is in effect, in which case the slowest Pokémon will go first. A Pokémon may be unable to move if it is immobilized by a status condition such as {{status|paralysis}} or another status effect such as {{status|flinch}}ing, it is unable to use its move due to an effect such as {{m|Taunt}} or {{m|Disable}}, or it [[obedience|disobeys]] its Trainer.
[[File:Contest battle.png|thumb|220px|A Contest Battle]]
{{main|Contest Battle}}
A Contest Battle is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive battle variant in which two [[Pokémon Coordinator]]s face off while attempting to lower each other's scores. These battles have a five-minute time limit, during which each participant must show off his or hertheir Pokémon in a visually impressive manner. Unlike a regular battle, Coordinators and their Pokémon are judged on the style of their moves and the way they are able to dodge their opponent's attacks.
Contest Battles are usually [[Contest Judge|judged]] by [[Raoul Contesta|Mr. Contesta]], [[Mr. Sukizo]], and [[Nurse Joy]]. They are the ones responsible for subtracting points from a Coordinator's score. Coordinators will generally lose points when their Pokémon are hit by an attack, when their Pokémon's attack fails, when the opponent's Pokémon performs a particularly [[appeal]]ing [[move]] or [[Contest combination|combo]], or when the opponent's Pokémon uses their Pokémon's attack to its own advantage. Contest Battles may also end when the judges rule {{DL|Fainting|Battle Off}} for a Pokémon. In this case, the Coordinator with the remaining Pokémon is declared the winner.