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In ''[[EP054|The Case of the K-9 Caper!]]'', Ash and his friends came across Officer Jenny as she and the canine police unit tackled a thief, who was actually a fellow officer in disguise. The group joined Officer Jenny at the nearby training academy, where Ash and Pikachu competed and failed against Jenny and her {{TP|Officer Jenny|Growlithe}}. Team Rocket later arrived in their van and took control of all of the Growlithe using special megaphone that changed their voices to resemble their Trainers. They were able to subdue Officer Jenny using the Growlithe, but after remembering the times it had with Officer Jenny, her Growlithe turned on Team Rocket and freed the others, forcing the trio to flee.
In ''[[EP057|The Breeding Center Secret]]'', Officer Jenny took Ash, {{an|Brock}}, [[Todd]], and the Team Rocket trio into custody after they were captured by [[Butch]] and [[Cassidy]], who accused them of being burglars. {{an|Misty}} and Pikachu recovered Todd's confiscated camera from Cassidy and showed the photographic evidence of the duo's fake breeding center scheme. Officer Jenny then released Misty's friends (didn't offer any apology) and arrested Butch and Cassidy.
Several Officer Jennys from all across [[Kanto]] were present at the [[Indigo Plateau]] to help keep the peace during the [[Indigo Plateau Conference]].