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List of Pokémon with form differences

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Rotom's appliance forms first appeared as silhouettes in August 2008, shortly before the Japanese release of {{game|Platinum}}, with a statement that indicated that these Pokémon would be in the game. Days before the game's release, it was revealed that these Pokémon were the alternate forms of Rotom. These new forms made their debut in Pokémon Platinum, and have been included in every [[core series]] game since.
There are more forms that Rotom assumes when possessing other appliances such as [[Rotom Pokédex]], [[Rotom Phone]], and [[Rotomi]]. These forms do not have battle abilities, and instead enhance the function of the device and have the ability to [[Talking Pokémon|speak]]. The Rotom Pokédex appears in Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and the Rotom Phone and Rotomi appear in Sword and Shield. They are only used by the Rotom that travels with the player as a [[non-player character]], and not by any Rotom in the [[party]].
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{{Compare|name=Rotom|forme=Mow Rotom|type=Electric|type2=Grass|image=479Rotom-Mow|ab=Levitate|HP=50|Attack=65|Defense=107|SpAtk=105|SpDef=107|Speed=86}}
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| class="roundy" width="50%" style="background:#{{electric color light}}" | Rotom Pokédex<br>[[File:479Rotom-Pokédex.png|100px]]
| class="roundy" width="50%" style="background:#{{electric color light}}" | Rotom Phone<br>[[File:479Rotom-Phone.png|50px]]