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Trivia: "at the same time" implies that both can be used simultaneously
** In {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}}, it is also the only one to not include any Pokémon compatible with the [[Fire Stone]] or the [[Water Stone]].
* In {{game|Platinum}}, due to the [[Game-exclusive Pokémon#Sinnoh|unavailability]] of the {{p|Murkrow}} and {{p|Misdreavus}} lines, the [[Dusk Stone]] cannot be used on any Pokémon without trading. This is the only case where an Evolutionary stone is available but not usable on any available Pokémon.
* {{p|Gloom}} and {{p|Eevee}} are the only Pokémon compatible with more than one Evolutionary stones at the same timestone.
** {{p|Vulpix}} are compatible with two Evolutionary stones in total but [[Regional form|not atof the same timeform]].
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