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==Pokémon that evolve when traded==
Most of the Pokémon that evolve when traded can only do so while holding a [[evolution-inducing heldEvolution item|specific item]].
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====Lucky Pokémon====
[[File:Lucky Pokémon GO.png|thumb|160px|Lucky Chansey]]
During a trade, there is a small chance that both traded Pokémon will become '''Lucky Pokémon'''. Lucky Pokémon guaranteed at least 12{{tt|*|10 prior to September 5, 2018}} {{IV}}s in each stat and require half the amount of Stardust to [[Power Up]]. A Lucky Pokémon is indicated by a shimmery effect in the [[Pokémon Storage System|Pokémon Box]] and the Pokémon's profile. Like with Shiny Pokémon, the Pokédex will record the number of Lucky Pokémon the player has obtained for that species.
The probability of obtaining a Lucky Pokémon depends on how long the Trainer has had that Pokémon in storage at the time of trade, and it is based on the older of the two Pokémon traded. The following is the observed probability of traded Pokémon becoming Lucky: <ref>[ The Secrets of Traded Pokémon: Lucky Rates - The Silph Road]</ref>
** Since September 5, 2018, these Pokémon are guaranteed to be Lucky, provided that at least one of the players has not already accumulated ten Lucky Pokémon
Since April 2019, players who are Best Friends have a chance of becoming Lucky Friends, which guarantees the next trade to result in Lucky Pokémon. This can possibly be triggered by performing a task that may increase Friendship level, such as opening a [[Gift]] or trading a Pokémon, on the first interaction of the day. After completing a trade with a Lucky Friend, the players will return to Best Friend status.
====Trade Evolution====
From January 11, 2020 onward, certain [[:Category:Pokémon that evolve through trading|Pokémon that evolve through trading]] in the core series would cost no [[Candy]] to evolve if it was traded.<ref>[ Trade Evolution and more Pokémon originally discovered in Unova are here!]</ref>
The following lists the Pokémon eligible for trade Evolution, along with their Candy costs to evolve otherwise: