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During battle, a sync move can only be used if the sync move countdown is at 0. At the start of the battle, the sync move countdown begins at 9 and each time a sync pair uses a move, the countdown decreases by one. Once the countdown is down to 0, a sync move can be unleashed at any point. Once a sync move is used, the countdown resets back to 9. After a sync move lands, the player's team receives a boost in power.
Any sync pair from the player's team can use a sync move once the countdown reaches 0. In contrast, on the opponent's team, only one Pokémon can use sync moves. Moreover, while the player's sync move targets only one opponent, the opponent's sync move will cause damage to all of the player's Pokémon and, before version 1.6.0, willwould reset all the statistics that were powered up.
The power of the sync move can be increased. When the player obtains a duplicate sync pair through Sync Pair Scout or Items Exchange, the power of the sync pair's moves, including the sync move, will be permanently boosted. The power can be increased four times (up to Level 5), resulting in a 20% increase in power compared to Level 1.
==List of sync moves==