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Pokémon in Canada

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YTV On Demand
[[File:YTV anime On Demand.png|thumb|left|170px|YTV Anime On Demand logo used at the time Pokémon was offered.]]
[[File:Bionixondemand.jpg|thumb|170px|Bionix On Demand logo]]
In 2005, YTV launched an {{wp|Video on demand|on demand}} anime channel simply named ''YTV Anime On Demand''. The channel contained new and old programs, including series that do not air on the normal YTV. The Pokémon anime was also available on this service. In 2008, YTV renamed its on demand service to ''Bionix On Demand''. In December 2009, YTV cancelled Bionix On Demand<ref>[ Bionix On Demand cancelled] (retrieved February 18, 2010)</ref> and returned to the YTV On Demand service, which no longer offers Pokémon in its line-uplineup.
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