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Pokémon Sword and Shield

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Plot: From the summary I previously wrote for the Galar page
So,The you{{player}} areand this[[Hop]] 10receive yeartheir old kid who can finally get a[[starter Pokémon,]] butfrom your friend[[Leon]], Hop says his bro, aka the champion, Leon is coming over to his place toundefeated visit{{pkmn|Champion}}, so you go with him and you getmeet a mysterious {{OBP|Pokémon,|species}} yay!in Sothe you[[Slumbering goWeald]]. toThe towntwo toreceive get[[Pokédex]]es afrom Pokedex and move on[[Sonia]], you[[Dynamax goBand]]s tofrom the[[Professor professor's houseMagnolia]], and find[[endorsement]]s afrom wishingLeon starto whichenter willthe turn[[Galar intoLeague|Gym aChallenge]]. dynamaxThey band, then you gethead on aan train,adventure buttraveling ohacross no,Galar Wooloo!challenging You[[Gym]]s cannotin getorder to Motostoke,earn ateight least[[Badge]]s notto onenter the trainChampion Cup. You go throughOver the wildcourse areaof andtheir sign{{pkmn|journey}}, uphe/she forencounters thea Gymgroup Challenge.called You[[Team alsoYell]], meetwhose anothermembers rival,support [[Marnie!]] Nowin youthe gottaGym go to each gym and get a badgeChallenge, butas beforewell you get a gym badge you meetas another rival!group Bede!called Get[[Macro those gyms done and boomCosmos]], you get on a train,conglomerate thisled isby where[[Chairman itRose]], getswho juicy,has thenendorsed youhis areward soon[[Bede]] in Wyndonthe andGym goChallenge. toDuring the quarter-finalsChampion andCup facein the[[Wyndon rivalsStadium]], exceptRose Bede,interrupts hethe wasChampionship kickedMatch out,by thenreawakening you{{p|Eternatus}} haveand dinnerbringing withabout Leon,the but[[Darkest heDay]] doesin notan show up! You haveattempt to findprovide aenergy employeefor andthe getGalar hisregion key-cardin to1,000 getyears. inThe theplayer Roseand Tower.Hop Then you dofind a few[[Rusted battles.Sword]] Thenand you[[Rusted see RoseShield]] and Leon talkinghead to eachthe other,[[Energy but you shrug it off,Plant]] in the semi-finals[[Hammerlocke]], youwhere face off against three of the gym leaders, but Bede cuts in for a finalthey battle, thenRose theand finalsummon match,{{p|Zacian}} youand versus Leon{{p|Zamazenta}}. ButAfter Rosedefeating releases the Darkest Dayit, a historic event in the Galar Region, youplayer havemanages to stop Rose in Hammerlocke, then you battle the third legendary,catch Eternatus, butand you havereturns to battle[[Wyndon]] Eternamaxto Eternatus,defeat thenLeon back toin the finalChampionship matchMatch, youbecoming beatthe Leon,new you are now the championChampion of Galar!.