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==={{series|Diamond & Pearl}}===
[[File:Jessilina and Seviper.png|thumb|230px|Seviper and Jessilina]]
In ''[[DP027|Settling a Not-So-Old Score!]]'', [[Jessilina]] used Seviper in the [[Appeal|Performance Stage]] of the {{to|Floaroma}} {{pkmn|Contest}}. Not much of the appeal was seen, because while Seviper was performing it, {{an|Dawn}} was thinking about her {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}}'s appeal, focusing the attention on her, not on Jessie. However, {{si|Kenny}} stated that Seviper was being quite good. The appeal ends with Jessie ordering Seviper to perform Wrap and Bite on Jessie herself, and thus, amazing the crowd.
In the episode ''[[DP041|A Stand-Up Sit-Down!]]'', Jessilina decided to face {{an|Dawn}} to practice for the {{ci|Hearthome}} Contest. However, it was [[Zoey]] who accepted the challenge. Jessie used the combination of Seviper and Dustox and her idea was to make Dustox use {{m|Poison Sting}} and then to make Seviper use Poison Tail on Dustox's Poison Sting, making it spin and adding extra-power to it. {{an|Brock}} even said that that was a smart combination. However, that didn't work as [[Zoey's Glameow]] countered with {{m|Iron Tail}}, making the combination go to the other side. [[Zoey's Shellos]] then used {{m|Mud Bomb}}, breaking the combination of Poison Sting and Poison Tail. Seviper and Dustox were then both easily defeated by Zoey's Glameow.