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James's Cacnea

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In [[Sinnoh]], it was replaced as James's main battler by {{TP|James|Carnivine}}. However, it was used alongside {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}, {{TP|Jessie|Dustox}}, and Carnivine in several all out battles against {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} and to guard the {{type|Flying}} Pokémon that Team Rocket stole in ''[[DP013|A Staravia is Born!]]''. It was only seen battling without Carnivine a few times in Sinnoh. It and Carnivine hurt James a lot in Sinnoh because they both tended to be affectionate at the same time. Cacnea was used often in Sinnoh similarly to [[Jessie's Seviper]] as Team Rocket's escapist rogue via the use of {{m|Sandstorm}}.
In ''[[DP049|Dawn's Early Night!]]'', [[Jessilina]] used Cacnea and {{TP|James|Mime Jr.}} for the [[Double Performance]] required during the {{ci|Hearthome}} {{pkmn|Contest}}. Cacnea used Needle Arm, which Mime Jr. {{m|Mimic}}s before using {{m|Tickle}} on Jessie as both Cacnea and Mime Jr. hug and tickle Jessie, spinning her around the stage. Cacnea then fires Pin Missile, which Mime Jr. mimics, into the sky and creating fireworks. This performance got Jessie a high score, placing her among the {{pkmn|Coordinator}}s moving on to the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]].
In ''[[DP054|Once There Were Greenfields]]'', {{ci|Eterna}} [[Gym Leader]] [[Gardenia]] and James battled Ash and {{an|Dawn}}. Gardenia told James to tell Cacnea to use {{m|Drain Punch}}, but James said the Pokémon didn't know that move. Through her explanation on how to do it, he did it anyway, and Cacnea pulled off the move. However, it was unable to duplicate the success. Through {{MTR}}, Cacnea explained that the first Drain Punch was only a fluke. Gardenia suggested that James give Cacnea to her to train. He originally declined, but in the end, he realized that his lack of skill would only hold Cacnea back from its full potential. Therefore, he left Cacnea with the Gym Leader to become stronger.