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Magic Guard (Ability)

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Magic Guard prevents damage caused by effects including [[weather]], {{status|poison}} and {{status|burn}}, effects like {{m|Curse}} and {{m|Leech Seed}}, [[entry hazards]], [[recoil]] (except from {{m|Struggle}}), crash damage, and damage from using {{m|Mind Blown}}. Magic Guard prevents the damage inflicted by a [[Life Orb]], but the holder still gains the power boost. Damage from {{status|confusion}} still occurs.
Magic Guard does not prevent direct modification of a Pokémon's HP through means other than damage, such as by {{m|Pain Split}}, {{m|Belly Drum}}, {{m|Substitute}}, or a {{t|Ghost}} type cutting its own HP to use {{m|Curse}}. {{cat|Moves that cause the user to faint}}, {{m|Destiny Bond}}, and {{m|Perish Song}} can still cause a Pokémon with Magic Guard to faint. It does not protect the Pokémon against {{a|Gulp Missile}}.
====Generation IV====