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** Also, since the {{p|Entei}} seen in this movie was not a real Pokémon but merely an illusion, this is so far the only movie not to feature an actual legendary Pokémon (acknowledging the fact that in the games, Unown are not considered legendary).
* Professor Oak's computer's task bar area features Energy symbols from the {{g|Trading Card Game}}.
* In the UK airings of this movie in {{pmin|the United Kingdom}}, the line of dialogue when Molly tells her {{p|Flaaffy}} to use {{m|Headbutt}} is removed, but the shot of Flaaffy using the attack is left intact.
* This is the last movie that ends with Jessie and James saying "''ii kanji!''" ("'Good feeling!"), which is the opposite of their Japanese catchphrase, "''ya na kanji!''", which was translated as "We're blasting off again!"
* An early teaser trailer for this movie, featured in the American VHS release of ''[[M02|The Power of One]]'' refers to the third movie as ''Lord of the Unknown Tower'', which is the translation of the original Japanese sub-title of the movie.
* A Japanese trailer for the movie features a very brief shot of {{OBP|Mewtwo|M01}} at the entrance to a cave, looking out into a thunderstorm. This could be an indication that Mewtwo was going to appear at some point during this movie's development.
** Also, at one point in development, this movie was going to feature a [[Animals in the Pokémon world''{{wp|Tyrannosaurus|Tyrannosaurus Rex]]rex}}''. This idea was scrapped as more Generation II designs were revealed.
* This movie, along with the Pikachu short ''[[PK07|Pikachu & Pichu]]'', marks the first appearance of [[Ash's Totodile]] and {{AP|Noctowl}} for the American audience. This is because ''[[EP151|The Totodile Duel]]'' and ''[[EP154|Fowl Play!]]'', in which Ash catches Totodile and Noctowl respectively, did not air in America until after this movie was released, ''The Totodile Duel'' in May 5, 2001 and ''Fowl Play!'' in April 28, 2001.
* The identity of the woman who returned home with Spencer Hale was not revealed in the movie itself, but was confirmed in the screenplay to be Molly's mother. This also acted as one of the reasons why [[Takeshi Shudō]] retired from making Pokémon movies after this movie as well as the start of his retirement from any Pokémon anime-related media, as he, upon learning who she was by getting a copy of the screenplay, mentioned that Sonoda had fundamentally misunderstood the point behind his screenplay, stating that had his own mother been alive and he been in Molly's shoes, he would have never abducted another person's mother.