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:''Sword and Shield redirects here. For the TCG expansion, see [[Sword & Shield (TCG)]]. For the Pokémon Adventures chapter, see [[Sword & Shield chapter (Adventures)]].''
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So, you are this 10 year old kid who can finally get a Pokémon, but your friend, Hop says his bro, aka the champion, Leon is coming over to his place to visit, so you go with him and you get a Pokémon, yay! So you go to town to get a Pokedex and move on, you go to the professor's house and find a wishing star which will turn into a dynamax band, then you get on a train, but oh no, Wooloo! You cannot get to Motostoke, at least not on the train. You go through the wild area and sign up for the Gym Challenge. You also meet another rival, Marnie! Now you gotta go to each gym and get a badge, but before you get a gym badge you meet another rival! Bede! Get those gyms done and boom, you get on a train, this is where it gets juicy, then you are soon in Wyndon and go to the quarter-finals and face the rivals, except Bede, he was kicked out, then you have dinner with Leon, but he does not show up! You have to find a employee and get his key-card to get in the Rose Tower. Then you do a few battles. Then you see Rose and Leon talking to each other, but you shrug it off, in the semi-finals, you face off against three of the gym leaders, but Bede cuts in for a final battle, then the final match, you versus Leon. But Rose releases the Darkest Day, a historic event in the Galar Region, you have to stop Rose in Hammerlocke, then you battle the third legendary, Eternatus, but you have to battle Eternamax Eternatus, then back to the final match, you beat Leon, you are now the champion of Galar!{{incomplete|section}}
The {{player}} and [[Hop]] receive their [[starter Pokémon]] from [[Leon]], the undefeated {{pkmn|Champion}}, and meet a mysterious {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} in the [[Slumbering Weald]]. The two receive [[Pokédex]]es from [[Sonia]], [[Dynamax Band]]s from [[Professor Magnolia]], and [[endorsement]]s from Leon to enter the [[Galar League|Gym Challenge]]. They head on an adventure traveling across Galar challenging [[Gym]]s in order to earn eight [[Badge]]s to enter the Champion Cup. Over the course of their {{pkmn|journey}}, he/she encounters a group called [[Team Yell]], whose members support [[Marnie]] in the Gym Challenge, as well as another group called [[Macro Cosmos]], a conglomerate led by [[Chairman Rose]], who has endorsed his ward [[Bede]] in the Gym Challenge. During the Champion Cup in [[Wyndon Stadium]], Rose interrupts the Championship Match by reawakening {{p|Eternatus}} and bringing about the [[Darkest Day]] in an attempt to provide energy for the Galar region in 1,000 years. The player and Hop find a [[Rusted Sword]] and [[Rusted Shield]] and head to the [[Energy Plant]] in [[Hammerlocke]], where they battle Rose and summon {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}}. After defeating it, the player manages to catch Eternatus and returns to [[Wyndon]] to defeat Leon in the Championship Match, becoming the new Champion of Galar.