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Formerly known as ''Explore Pokémon'' prior to the 2019 overhaul, this section features the '''[[National Pokédex|Online Pokédex]]''' with the Pokémon updated for each new [[Pokémon games|Pokémon video game]] release, currently [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]].
Like other [[Pokédex]]es, it allows the user to search for Pokémon by either ''[[List of Pokémon by name|Name]]'' or ''[[Index number|Number]]'' in "Basic Search Mode". "Advanced Search Mode" allows searched by ''[[Type]]'', ''[[Weakness]]'', ''[[Ability]]'', ''[[List of Pokémon by height|Height]]'', and ''[[List of Pokémon by weight|Weight]]''. The 2014 overhaul redesigned the Pokédex with a browse-able grid-like structure. Without any search criteria, users may scroll through the grid-like list of Pokémon by either ''Name'' or ''Number'' (currently 1 to 719). Selecting a given [[Pokémon]] brings up details on that given Pokémon, with two versions tied to the current video game release. Details include a picture, brief description, height, weight, gender, category, abilities, type, weaknesses, basic stats bar chart showing relative strength ({{DL|Stats|Hit Points|HP}}, [[Move|Attack]], {{DL|Stats|Defense}}, [[Special move|Special Attack]], {{DL|Stats|Special Defense}}, and {{DL|Stats|Speed}}), and [[Evolution]] chart (if any).