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In the main series: Really.All the characters in the same situation as Blue are just like "X has a counterpart named Y" 1.Gary is one of the names of choice for Blue2-Both have the same principle and storyline.3-Both are grandsons of Prof. Oak.
====In the main series====
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Blue himself does not make an appearance in the anime; however, he receives an [[cross-canon counterpart|anime counterpart]] in Gary Oak, [[Ash Ketchum]]'s rival. Much like Blue, Gary was initially very arrogant, but mellowed out after he was defeated by his rival during the [[Silver Conference]]. Unlike Blue, however, Gary has not been shown to have taken over the [[Viridian Gym]]. Instead, he has decided to become a Pokémon researcher like his grandfather, and is currently working with [[Professor Rowan]] in [[Sinnoh]].
====In Pokémon Origins====