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[[File:Kalos Pokédex map.png|thumb|250px|right|Highlights of the areas within each Pokédex]]
'''Kalos''' (Japanese: '''カロス地方''' ''Kalos-chihō'') is a [[region]] of the [[Pokémon world]]. It is the setting of {{g|X and Y}}. It was the sixth [[maincore series]] region to be introduced.
The Kalos region is shaped like a five-pointed star, with one of its biggest cities being [[Lumiose City]] in the north-central part of the region. It features a vast network of rivers and waterways snaking through much of its landscape, cities and towns. North-east of Lumiose City lies a mountain range where more frigid temperatures exist, extending down into the plains below. Western Kalos features a vast ocean, where the shoreside city of [[Shalour City]] lies in the middle of a cove.