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In contemporary history, {{ga|Red}}/{{ga|Leaf}} is given a Pokémon by [[Professor Oak]] for personal safety. Professor Oak also gives his grandson, {{ga|Blue}}, a Pokémon and asks Blue and Red/Leaf to help him fill the Pokédex, a complete encyclopedia on Pokémon. Thus, the journey of Red/Leaf begins. Red/Leaf travels across the Kanto region and collects all eight Gym Badges. During his/her journey, Red/Leaf comes across Team Rocket, an evil organization behind wrongdoings about Pokémon. Red/Leaf stops Team Rocket and defeats [[Giovanni]], their boss as well as the Gym Leader of [[Viridian Gym]], who then disbands Team Rocket. In the meantime, Blue, who has also collected all of the Kanto Gym Badges, defeats the [[Elite Four]] at the [[Indigo League]] and becomes the champion of the Kanto region. Finally, Red/Leaf makes it up to him and defeats him to gain the title of the Indigo League Champion.
Three years later, {{ga|Ethan}}/{{ga|Kris}}/{{ga|Lyra}}, a Trainer from Johto, comes to Kanto and collects all eight Kanto Gym Badges. Ethan/Kris/Lyra is the current Indigo League Champion and has also met and defeated {{ga|Red}}/{{ga|Leaf}}.