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List of Pokémon with gender differences

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* [[Generation VIII]] introduced the fewest Pokémon with gender differences of generations that introduce Pokémon with gender differences, with one.
* [[Generation VII]] is the only generation that did not introduce any Pokémon that have gender differences. However, it did introduce a Pokémon that can only evolve if it is a specific gender (only female {{p|Salandit}} can evolve into {{p|Salazzle}}) and a new gender difference for {{p|Eevee}} that was exclusive to the player's {{ga|partner Pokémon|partner}} Eevee.
* No [[Mega Evolution]]s, [[Gigantamax]]es forms or [[regional form]]s have gender differences, even if other forms of the same species do.
* Despite having obviousvery prominent gender differences, {{p|Hippopotas}} and {{p|Hippowdon}} only have artwork and a menu sprite for the male version.
* Despite not having any gender differences, the [[Rotom Pokédex]] will display separate models for male and female {{p|Spinda}}.