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Shiny rates for Pokemon GO
====Shiny rates====
The Shiny rate for Pokémon GO, unlikewas inoriginally thethought coreto series, isbe determined based on species. ForThe any speciestheory, as proposed in September 2018 was that the Shiny rate iswas constant across all encounter methods (e.g. {{pkmn2|wild}} spawns, raids, or Field Research).<ref>[ A Shiny Rate Hypothesis: Learning From Pineco - The Silph Road]</ref> However, the January 2020 incident where Niantic acknowledged that Alolan Vulpix's Shiny was available through eggs, but not through field research, seems to have proven the original theory wrong.<ref>[ Trainers, we're looking into a bug where Shiny Alolan Vulpix cannot be encountered through Field Research. This bug only affects Field Research, and there is still a chance of hatching Shiny Alolan Vulpix from Eggs. - Niantic]</ref> In addition, there has been a lack of reports of Shiny Scyther in field research from September 2019 to December 2019, except the Evolution Week event of December 5 to December 12, and also a lack of reports of Shiny Sneasel in field research from January 2020.<ref>[ In light of quest Alolan Vulpix's missing shiny, another potential case: Scyther from 10 Nanab Berries quest? - The Silph Road subreddit]</ref><ref>[ In light of quest Alolan Vulpix and Scyther shiny missing: has anyone obtained a shiny Sneasel from the ‘Defeat a grunt’ task? - The Silph Road subreddit]</ref>
;Permanent rates
All Pokémon that are not listed are assumed to have standard Shiny rate, estimated to be 1/500512.<ref>[ TheWild Shiny HuntRates: HoningNarrowing init ondown Wild- Shiny Encounter Rates (Part 1) -Pokemon TheGo SilphResearch Roadsubreddit]</ref>.
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| [[Legendary Pokémon]] || 1/20<ref>[ The Shiny Hunt: Raid Bosses and Community Day (Part II) - The Silph Road]</ref> || {{MSP/GO|144 s|Articuno}}{{MSP/GO|145 s|Zapdos}}{{MSP/GO|146 s|Moltres}}{{MSP/GO|150 s|Mewtwo}}{{MSP/GO|243 s|Raikou}}{{MSP/GO|244 s|Entei}}{{MSP/GO|245 s|Suicune}}{{MSP/GO|249 s|Lugia}}{{MSP/GO|250 s|Ho-Oh}}{{MSP/GO|377 s|Regirock}}{{MSP/GO|378 s|Regice}}{{MSP/GO|379 s|Registeel}}{{MSP/GO|380 s|Latias}}{{MSP/GO|381 s|Latios}}{{MSP/GO|382 s|Kyogre}}{{MSP/GO|383 s|Groudon}}{{MSP/GO|384 s|Rayquaza}}{{MSP/GO|485 s|Heatran}}{{MSP/GO|487 s|Giratina}}{{MSP/GO|488 s|Cresselia}}
|- style="background:#FFF"
| Pokémon that do not spawn in the wild{{tt|*|Excluding special events such as GO Fest and Ultra Bonus}} || rowspan=32 | 1/60<ref>[ The Shiny Hunt: Egg Hatches and Field Research Rewards (Part III) - The Silph Road]</ref> || {{MSP/GO|026A s|Raichu|Alolan Form}}{{MSP/GO|105A s|Marowak|Alolan Form}}{{MSP/GO|359 s|Absol}}{{MSP/GO|303 s|Mawile}}<!--{{MSP/GO|327H s|Spinda}}-->{{MSP/GO|403 s|Shinx}}<!--{{MSP/GO|599 s|Klink}}-->
|- style="background:#FFF"
| [[List of Eggs in Pokémon GO|Egg-exclusive]] Pokémon || <!--{{MSP/GO|027A s|Sandshrew|Alolan Form}}{{MSP/GO|037A s|Vulpix|Alolan Form}}{{MSP/GO|052A s|Meowth|Alolan Form}}{{MSP/GO|088A s|Grimer|Alolan Form}}-->{{MSP/GO|172 s|Pichu}}{{MSP/GO|173 s|Cleffa}}{{MSP/GO|174 s|Igglybuff}}{{MSP/GO|175 s|Togepi}}{{MSP/GO|238 s|Smoochum}}{{MSP/GO|239 s|Elekid}}{{MSP/GO|240 s|Magby}}{{MSP/GO|298 s|Azurill}}{{MSP/GO|360 s|Wynaut}}{{MSP/GO|406 s|Budew}}{{MSP/GO|438 s|Bonsly}}<!--{{MSP/GO|439 s|Mime Jr.}}-->
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| Rare, event-highlighted Pokémon ||| 1/64<ref>[ Permanently Boosted Shiny Odds Rates - Pokemon Go Research subreddit]</ref> || {{MSP/GO|095 s|Onix}}{{MSP/GO|103A s|Exeggutor|Alolan Form}}{{MSP/GO|123 s|Scyther}}{{MSP/GO|131 s|Lapras}}{{MSP/GO|142 s|Aerodactyl}}{{MSP/GO|204 s|Pineco}}{{MSP/GO|207 s|Gligar}}{{MSP/GO|215 s|Sneasel}}{{MSP/GO|227 s|Skarmory}}{{MSP/GO|349 s|Feebas}}{{MSP/GO|366 s|Clamperl}}{{MSP/GO|436 s|Bronzor}}
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| Meltan || 0 || {{MSP/GO|808 s|Meltan}}