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Unused trademarks
{{wp|Topaz}}, {{wp|tourmaline}}, {{wp|Moonstone (gemstone)|moonstone}}, and {{wp|emerald}} (by virtue of Delta Emerald) are all names of minerals, while the rest are names of colors. Additionally, {{wp|vermilion}}, {{wp|crimson}}, and {{wp|Scarlet (color)|scarlet}} are all shades of red.
Contrary to what is sometimes reported, the name '''WaterBlue''' was not trademarked by Nintendo, Creatures, or Game Freak. According to the Japan Platform for Patent Information, '''ウォーターブルー''' and '''WATER BLUE''' (application number 2010-060625, registration number 5386853) are trademarks of {{wp|Meiji Seika}}, a Japanese food and pharmaceutical company. However, [[Game Freak]]'s [[Junichi Masuda]] did mention "WaterBlue" in 2004 on a blog post explaining the company's choice of {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s|"FireRed" and "LeafGreen"}} as both Japanese and international titles for the remakes of {{2v2|Red|Green}}.<ref>[ 増田部長のめざめるパワー]</ref><ref>[ HIDDEN POWER of masuda]</ref>