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| {{gameabbrev3|RSE}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|108|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|110|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|111|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|114|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|119|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|120|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|123|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|127|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}, and {{rtn|132|Hoenn}}, [[Petalburg City]], [[Granite Cave]], [[Trick House]] (First Puzzle), {{safari|Hoenn}}{{sup/3|E}}, [[Mt. Pyre]], [[Shoal Cave]], {{OBP|Magma Hideout|Jagged Pass}}{{sup/3|E}}<br/>{{DL|Pokémon Center Ladies|Quiz Lady}}{{sup/3|E}}
| {{a|Pickup}} (Any level : 10%){{sup/3|RS}} (Level 21-40 : 4%, level 41+ : 10%){{sup/3|E}}
| {{gameabbrev3|FRLG}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|6|Kanto}}, {{rtn|9|Kanto}}, {{rtn|12|Kanto}}, and {{rtn|17|Kanto}}, [[Mt. Moon]], [[Cerulean City]], [[Team Rocket Hideout|Rocket Hideout]], [[Silph Co.]], [[Pokémon Tower]], [[Fuchsia City]], {{ka|Pokémon Mansion}}, {{ka|Victory Road}}, [[Cape Brink]], [[Lost Cave]]
| [[Resort Gorgeous]] (reward from [[Selphy]])<br>{{a|Pickup}} (Any level : 5%)
| {{gameabbrevss|Colo}}
| [[The Under]], [[Snagem Hideout]]
| {{a|Pickup}} (Any level : 10%)
| {{gameabbrevss|XD}}
| [[Kaminko's House]], [[Cipher Key Lair]], [[Citadark Isle]] (×3), [[Realgam Tower]] ([[Battle CD]] {{DL|Battle CDs 21-30|Battle CD 22|22}}, {{DL|Battle CDs 31-40|Battle CD 40|40}}, and {{DL|Battle CDs 41-50|Battle CD 41|41}} completion prizes)
| {{a|Pickup}} (Level 21-40 : 4%, level 41+ : 10%)
| {{gameabbrev4|DPPt}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|207|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|210|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|212|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|214|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|217|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{rtn|218|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|223|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{rtn|224|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|225|Sinnoh}}, {{rtn|226|Sinnoh}}{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{rtn|228|Sinnoh}}, and {{rtn|230|Sinnoh}}, [[Old Chateau]]{{sup/4|Pt}}, [[Wayward Cave]], [[Floaroma Meadow]]{{sup/4|Pt}}, [[Mt. Coronet]], [[Solaceon Ruins]], [[Veilstone City]]{{sup/4|Pt}}, [[Team Galactic HQ]], [[Valor Lakefront]]{{sup/4|DP}}, [[Great Marsh]], [[Snowpoint City]]{{sup/4|Pt}}, {{si|Victory Road}}, [[Survival Area]]{{sup/4|Pt}}, [[Stark Mountain]]
| {{si|Battle Park}}{{sup/4|DP}}/{{gdis|Battle Frontier|IV}}{{sup/4|Pt}} (48 [[Battle Point|BP]])<br>{{si|Pokémon Mansion}} (held by {{tc|Rich Boy}} Liam and {{tc|Lady}} Celeste's {{p|Blissey}}){{sup/4|Pt}}<br>{{a|Pickup}} (Level 21-40 : 4%, level 41+ : 10%)
| {{gameabbrev4|HGSS}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|27|Kanto}}, {{rtn|28|Kanto}}, and {{rtn|34|Johto}}, [[Violet City]], [[Ruins of Alph]], [[Pokéathlon Dome]], [[Ecruteak City]], [[Bell Tower]], [[Olivine City]], [[Glitter Lighthouse]], [[Whirl Islands]], [[Mt. Mortar]], [[Lake of Rage]], {{ka|Victory Road}}, [[Indigo Plateau]], [[Frontier Access]], [[Vermilion City]], [[Seafoam Islands]], [[Cinnabar Island]], [[Cerulean Cave]], [[Mt. Silver]]
| [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]] (25 [[Blue Card]] points), {{gdis|Battle Frontier|IV}} (48 [[Battle Point|BP]]), [[Pokéathlon Dome]] (2000 Pts.){{dotw|Mo}}{{dotw|Sa}}<br>{{a|Pickup}} (Level 21-40 : 4%, level 41+ : 10%)
| {{gameabbrevss|PW}}
| {{gameabbrev5|BW}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|2|Unova}}, {{rtn|3|Unova}}, {{rtn|13|Unova}}, and {{rtn|16|Unova}}, [[Pinwheel Forest]], [[Passerby Analytics HQ]], [[Desert Resort]], [[Anville Town]], [[Lostlorn Forest]], [[Mistralton Cave]], [[Chargestone Cave]], [[Twist Mountain]], [[Icirrus City]], {{OBP|Victory Road|Black and White}}, [[N's Castle]], [[Challenger's Cave]], [[Village Bridge]], [[Abundant Shrine]]
| [[Battle Subway]] (48 [[Battle Point|BP]]), [[Anville Town]] (lost-and-found)<br>[[Royal Unova]]{{dotw|Su}}, [[Big Stadium and Small Court]] (defeat Nursery Aide Leah)<br>{{a|Pickup}} (Level 21-40 : 4%, level 41+ : 10%)
| {{gameabbrev5|B2W2}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|3|Unova}}, {{rtn|8|Unova}}, {{rtn|12|Unova}}, {{rtn|18|Unova}}, {{rtn|20|Unova}}{{sup/s|A}}, {{rtn|22|Unova}}, and {{rtn|23|Unova}}, [[Virbank City]], [[Castelia City]], [[Passerby Analytics HQ]], [[Anville Town]], [[Lostlorn Forest]], [[Relic Passage]], [[Abundant Shrine]], [[Strange House]], [[Village Bridge]], [[Seaside Cave]], {{OBP|Victory Road|Black 2 and White 2}}, [[Moor of Icirrus]]{{sup/s|Sp}}{{sup/s|Su}}{{sup/s|A}}, [[Dreamyard]], [[Pinwheel Forest]], [[Twist Mountain]]<br>[[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Avenue rank}} reward)
| [[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Raffle Shop}})<br>[[Nimbasa City]] (held by certain Pokémon [[In-game trade#Yancy/Curtis|traded]] from [[Curtis]]/[[Yancy]])<br>[[Battle Subway]]/[[Pokémon World Tournament|PWT]] (24 [[Battle Point|BP]]), [[Anville Town]] (lost-and-found)<br>[[Black Tower]]/[[White Treehollow]] (Area 6-10 reward)<br>[[Big Stadium and Small Court]] (defeat {{tc|Nursery Aide}} Leah, {{tc|Pokémon Breeder}} Owen, or Pokémon Breeder Brooke)<br>[[Hidden Grotto]]es, {{a|Pickup}} (Level 21-40 : 4%, level 41+ : 10%)<br>[[Pokémon Dream Radar]] (regular areas after catching {{p|Landorus}}, Simulator α, Simulator β, Simulator γ)
| {{gameabbrevss|DW}}
| {{gameabbrev6|XY}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|13|Kalos}}, {{rtn|14|Kalos}}, {{rtn|16|Kalos}}, {{rtn|17|Kalos}}, and {{rtn|21|Kalos}}, [[Parfum Palace]], [[Ambrette Town]], [[Lysandre Labs]], [[Couriway Town]], {{kal|Victory Road}}<br>Any [[Kalos hotels|hotel]] (held by [[in-game trade]] {{p|Eevee}})
| {{DL|Lumiose City|Sycamore Pokémon Lab}} (for a [[Poké Radar]] chain of 31 or more)<br>{{DL|Lumiose City|Loto-ID Center}} (4 digits)<br>[[Lumiose City]] {{DL|Lumiose City|Pokémon Center|South Boulevard Pokémon Center}} (500 [[Poké Mile|PM]]), [[Battle Maison]] (48 [[Battle Point|BP]])<br>{{rt|18|Kalos}} (from {{tc|Psychic}} [[Inver]])<br>{{a|Pickup}} (Level 21-40 : 4%, level 41+ : 10%)
| {{gameabbrev6|ORAS}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|108|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|110|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|111|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|114|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|119|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|120|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|123|Hoenn}}, {{rtn|127|Hoenn}}, and {{rtn|132|Hoenn}}, [[Petalburg City]], [[Granite Cave]], {{safari|Hoenn}}, [[Mt. Pyre]], [[Shoal Cave]], [[Mirage Caves|Mirage Cave]] (southeast of {{rt|129|Hoenn}}), [[Mirage Islands|Mirage Island]] (south of {{rt|132|Hoenn}}), [[Mirage Mountains|Mirage Mountain]] (east of {{rt|125|Hoenn}})
| [[Lilycove Department Store]] [[Pokémon Lottery Corner]] (4 digits)<br>[[Mauville City]] {{DL|Mauville City|PokéMileage Center}} (500 [[Poké Mile|PM]]), [[Battle Maison]] (48 [[Battle Point|BP]])<br>[[Mauville City]] ({{DL|Mauville City|Inverse Battle Stop}})<br>{{rt|117|Hoenn}} (1% chance after rematch with {{tc|Pokémon Breeder}} Lydia or Isaac)<br>{{a|Pickup}} (Level 21-40 : 4%, level 41+ : 10%)<br>[[Secret Base]] ("Pick something up" with {{DL|Secret Base|Secret Pal}})
| {{gameabbrevss|PMC}}
| {{gameabbrev7|SMUSUM}}
| {{rt|6|Alola}}, [[Heahea City]], [[Brooklet Hill]], [[Royal Avenue]], [[Lush Jungle]], [[Aether Paradise]], [[Mount Hokulani]], [[Aether House]], [[Po Town]], [[Poni Wilds]], [[Vast Poni Canyon]], [[Team Rocket's Castle]]{{sup/7|USUM}}<br>[[Pokémon Center Café]]
| [[Hau'oli City#Alola Tourist Bureau|Loto-ID Center]] (4 digits)<br>[[Big Wave Beach]]{{sup/7|USUM}}, [[Ula'ula Beach]]{{sup/7|USUM}}, [[Heahea Beach]]{{sup/7|USUM}}, [[Battle Royal Dome]] (48 [[Battle Point|BP]])<br>[[Battle Tree]] (win streak of 20)<br>[[Battle Agency]]{{sup/7|USUM}}<br>[[Festival Plaza]] ([[Festival Plaza#Lottery shops|Lottery shop]]: Big Dreams second prize)<br>{{a|Pickup}} (Level 21-50 : 3%, level 51+ : 8%)<br>[[Melemele Sea]] ([[recurring item|regenerates]])
| {{gameabbrev7|PE}}
| {{gameabbrev8|SwSh}}
| [[Route]]s {{rtn|2|Galar}}, {{rtn|4|Galar}}, and {{rtn|6|Galar}}, [[Wedgehurst]], [[Hammerlocke]], [[Wyndon]]
| [[Battle Café]]<br>{{a|Pickup}} (Level 11-50 : Very rare, level 51+ : Rare)