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Slowking (Pokémon)

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Slowking made its main series debut in ''[[EP260|A Crowning Achievement]]'', where a colony of Slowpoke were attempting to reach the King's Rock in order to evolve into one so that they could help save the colony from a drought. The Slowpoke were faced with many problems since the King's Rock was also surrounded by {{p|Shellder}}, and whenever they failed to reach it, they would evolve into a {{p|Slowbro}} instead. One Slowpoke nicknamed Arthur, which was owned by [[Alice Telesu]], tried reaching the King's Rock and eventually succeeded. In the end, he left Alice in order to be the leader of the colony. It reappeared in {{AP|Larvitar}} and {{p|Unown}}'s vision in ''[[EP263|Address Unown]]''.
A Slowking appeared in ''[[DP050|Tag! We're It...!]]'' and ''[[DP052|Smells Like Team Spirit!]]'', under the ownership of [[Conway]]. It participated in the [[Hearthome City Tag Battle Competition]]. It later reappeared in ''[[DP089|Up Close and Personable!]]'' and ''[[DP091|One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!]]''.
====Minor appearances====