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Boltund (Pokémon)

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Boltund is a quadruped, canine Pokémon. It hasIts atwo mostlyfront yellowpaws bodyare white with a yellow stripe atop each white part that lead to its black underbellylegs, andwhile its back two paws are a darker yellow stripeswith the same shade of yellow on the front legs on top of it that also lead to black legs. It has a thin yellow tail and black hind legs with two spikes on the top of each of them. The bottom half of its body is mainly black, while the upper part if mainly yellow. Boltund's canhead channelis theyellow electricitywith towhite themarkings legsthat inextend orderover toits keepmuzzle, themunder its strongeyes, allowingand itin between its eyes, going up to runits non-stopforehead. for threeThis fullsaid dayswhite spot also goes down and ends in a triangle shape on its front chest. It canIts runeyes toare yellow, mint-green, white, and black with no aboutreal 50distinct mphpupil. It servesAn asouter ring of a light yellow is also positioned on the enemytop of {{p|Thievul}}each eye. The inside of its ears is yellow with an outer ring of black. The black and yellow halves of its body connect on Boltund's shoulders, with the yellow part drooping down in its front to cover Boltund's underbelly.
Boltund can channel the electricity that it generates to its legs in order to keep them strong, boosting its strength and allowing it to run nonstop for three full days. It can easily run faster than 50 mph at top speed. It serves as the enemy of {{p|Thievul}}.
==In the anime==