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Legendary Pokémon

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Adding Kubfu as we now have three evolutionary Line for Legendaries
Legendary Pokémon are usually encountered as interactable or [[roaming Pokémon]]. Starting in {{v2|Platinum}}, legendary Pokémon will reappear when the player defeats the {{pkmn|Champion}} if the Pokémon fainted earlier.
The [[gender]] of most Legendary Pokémon is unknown (though there are seven notable exceptions: {{p|Latios}}, {{p|Latias}}, {{p|Heatran}}, {{p|Cresselia}}, {{p|Tornadus}}, {{p|Thundurus}}, and {{p|Landorus}}). In the [[core series]] games, no Legendary Pokémon can [[Pokémon breeding|breed]] or hatch from an {{pkmn|Egg}}. With the exception of {{p|Type: Null}}, and {{p|Cosmog}}, and {{p|Kubfu}}, and their respective evolutionary families, Legendary Pokémon cannot [[Evolution|evolve]], although many are able to [[List of Pokémon with form differences|change form]] and are part of a [[Legendary duo|duo]] or [[Legendary trio|trio]].
Much like [[starter Pokémon]] appear at the beginning of each [[regional Pokédex]] and their generation's portion of the [[National Pokédex]], Mythical Pokémon typically appear at the very end, and Legendary Pokémon immediately before them.