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Fearow (Pokémon)

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In Pokémon Origins
A Fearow appeared in ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]''. It was seen chasing a [[Pink Butterfree]], but {{OBP|Ash Ketchum|M20|Ash}} saved it with his own {{p|Butterfree}}.
A Fearow appeared in [[SS009]], under the ownership of [[Kurio]]. It was used alongside Kurio's {{p|Cyndaquil}} to create a fake {{p|Ho-Oh}} for his grandfather [[Jiei]]. However, their ruse was exposed when Pikachu attacked it with {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
====Minor appearances====
===In Pokémon Origins===
[[File:Red Fearow PO.png|thumb|250px|Fearow in [[Pokémon Origins]]]]
A Fearow appeared in ''[[PO01|File 1: Red]]'' as one of the Pokémon seen in [[Professor Oak]]'s introduction.
{{OBP|Red|Origins}} {{pkmn2|caught}} a Fearow in ''[[PO04|File 4: Charizard]]''.