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In the [[Indigo League]], Trainers can take the [[Pokémon League Admissions Exam]], which awards a single Badge that grants entry to Indigo Plateau Conference on its own, replacing the requirement to collect Gym Badges. It is convenient for people whose age, health, or work keeps them from traveling around to collect Badges.
During the closing ceremony of [[Indigo Plateau Conference]], all participants are awarded the Pokémon League Badge. However, it is only referred to as a Badge in the [[dub]].
For helping the [[band of Diglett thieves]] with their facade, the [[mayor of Diglett Village]] awarded Ash and his friends with the [[Silver Wing]] Badge.
File:EP056.png|Pokémon League Admissions Exam Badge
File:Pokemon League Badge.png|Pokémon League Badge
File:Silver Wing animeBadge.png|Silver Wing Badge
File:Ash Kantonian Gym Badge.png|Kantonian Gym Badge