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Crasher Wake

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In the manga: +flashback
In ''[[PS438|Alternate Dimension Showdown VIII]]'', there is a flashback where [[Tower Tycoon Palmer|Palmer]] and Crasher Wake trained together when they were younger.
====={{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}=====
Crasher Wake is introduced in ''[[PS364|A Skuffle with Skorupi]]''. {{adv|Platinum}} begins to battle him for the {{Badge|Fen}} in ''[[PS365|Crafty Carnivine]]''; their battle concludes in ''[[PS366|Floatzel and Jetsam]]'', during which [[Platinum's Empoleon]] is able to defeat his Floatzel, only to lose to Quagsire. Afterwards, the [[Tru|Torterra]] she borrowed from {{adv|Diamond}} defeats the second Pokémon with its {{m|Giga Drain}} when Wake concluded Platinum drowned, only to rise back up from the other side and counterattack. Afterwards, he is impressed by Platinum's adaptability and awards her the Fen Badge.