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===In the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga===
[[File:Mars Saturn Adventures.png|250px|thumb|Mars and her Purugly with Saturn and his Croagunk in the manga]]
====={{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}=====
Mars makes her first appearance (in silhouette) at the [[Valley Windworks]], where she attempts to gather and steal energy from the power plant. She encounters {{adv|Diamond}}, {{adv|Pearl}}, and {{adv|Platinum}}, who have come to find out what had happened to the Valley Windworks Manager. She battles them with her Pokémon, and once her {{p|Electivire}} had successfully gathered enough energy; she cut off one of the windmills and flew off with it.
Immediately after, they are attacked by the Sinnoh Gym Leaders [[Fantina]], [[Roark]], and [[Gardenia]], and they battle them to prevent them from reaching Cyrus. Mars and the other Commanders are evenly matched with the Sinnoh Gym Leaders until reinforcements arrive to help them; Mars battles [[Crasher Wake]] and Gardenia, but despite her power, she is eventually defeated.
Later, Mars and her teammates are joined by another member of Team Galactic, [[Sird]]. Sird explains to them that she had infiltrated Team Rocket on a mission, but failed. Soon after, they are attacked by [[Riley]] of Iron Island, who had tracked Sird by her Aura. Sird battles Riley, allowing Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn to escape unharmed.