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[[File:LGPE Elite Four.png|thumb|300px|Artwork of {{ga|Chase}} and {{ga|Elaine}} confronting the Kanto Elite Four in [[Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee!]]]]
The '''Elite Four''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|四天王|してんのう}}''' ''The Big Four'', lit. ''{{wp|Four Heavenly Kings}}'') are four [[Pokémon Trainer]]s who are regarded as the toughest in their [[region]]al [[Pokémon League]], just short of the [[Pokémon Champion|Pokémon League Champion]]. Those who challenge the Elite Four must have won all eight [[Badge]]s from that region (or, for Trainers in [[Alola]], must have completed all of their [[island challenge]] trials). To become Champion, Trainers must face all four and the current Champion consecutively without losing to any of them.
One group resides at the [[Indigo Plateau]] in [[Kanto]] and are considered the best Trainers in both Kanto and [[Johto]]. Another group is located in [[Ever Grande City]] in [[Hoenn]], while another is located on [[Mount Lanakila]] in [[Alola]]. Three more groups reside at the Pokémon Leagues in {{si|Pokémon League|Sinnoh}}, {{un|Pokémon League|Unova}}, and {{kal|Pokémon League|Kalos}}.
[[File:Kanto Elite Four PG.png|thumb|250px|The Kanto Elite Four in [[Pokémon Generations]]]]
The members of the Kanto Elite Four made brief appearances in ''[[PG03|The Challenger]]''. {{ga|Blue}} was shown defeating all four members, allowing him to become the {{pkmn|Champion|Pokémon League Champion}}. Later in the episode, {{ga|Red}} was revealed to have defeated them as well, since he was seen about to challenge Blue.
Lance reappeared again more prominent in ''[[PG04|The Lake of Rage]]''. He teams up with Ethan to battle Team Rocket in the Lake of Rage's incident.
Malva appeared in ''[[PG16|The Beauty Eternal]]'', where she was seen on a billboard. She is the only member of the Kalos's Elite Four to appear in this series.
{{incomplete|needs={{EF|AaronFlint}}, [[Bertha]], and [[Lucian]] as well as Flintalso appeared in this chapter,. whereWhat theyhas werehe enlistedbeen by the [[Pokémon Association]] Chairman to decode the ancient writingsdoing in [[Charon]]'sthis memobook.chapter?}}
{{EF|Aaron}}, [[Bertha]], and [[Lucian]] debuted in this chapter, where they were enlisted by the [[Pokémon Association]] Chairman to decode the ancient writings in [[Charon]]'s memobook.
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