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In spin-off games: Removing "in the" from these spin-off game titles. They don't seem super helpful in this case (in my opinion), and various pages like Player character list them games without these words.
==In spin-off games==
===In the Stadium series===
In [[Pokémon Stadium (English)]] and [[Pokémon Stadium 2]], Professor Oak is the owner of the [[Professor Oak's Laboratory|Pokémon Laboratory]], which is available if the Stadium game is connected to one or more [[core series]] games via [[Transfer Pak]]. The laboratory contains various machines with features such as trading Pokémon between games, transferring items and Pokémon to and from the player's [[PC]], viewing the [[Pokédex]], etc. In both games, Professor Oak describes the machines in the laboratory.
The Transfer Pak features were previously introduced in [[Pokémon Stadium (Japanese)]], but they were part of the menu at the beginning at the game and didn't involve Professor Oak or his laboratory.
===In Hey You, Pikachu!===
Professor Oak appears in [[Hey You, Pikachu!]], where he enlists the player to help test a translation device called the PokéHelper, using a wild {{p|Pikachu}} as the main research subject.
===In Pokémon Channel===
In [[Pokémon Channel]], Professor Oak launches the titular Pokémon Channel, and tuning into the "Oak's Report" channel allows the player to save their game.
===In Pokémon GO===
In [[Pokémon GO]], it is mentioned that he was [[Professor Willow]]'s mentor.<ref>[ #ProfessorWillowWeek Fact #1 on Twitter]</ref>
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===In Pokémon Snap===
Professor Oak also is one of the two human characters that appears in [[Pokémon Snap]]. In order to complete his {{OBP|Pokémon Report|Pokémon Snap}} on the denizens of [[Pokémon Island]], he hires {{Todd}} to take pictures for the report. He provides Todd with the [[ZERO-ONE]] and its [[Dash Engine]] upgrade, [[Pokémon food]], [[Pester Ball]]s, and a [[Poké Flute]]. When Todd takes a picture of each of the [[Pokémon sign]]s, Professor Oak is able to drawn a connection between them and the {{pkmn|constellation}}s to determine that {{p|Mew}} must be on [[Rainbow Cloud]].
===In the Puzzle series===
In [[Pokémon Puzzle Challenge]], Professor Oak appears at the main menu and some other screens at the beginning of the game, explaining the available options to the player. He also talks to the player at various points in the "Puzzle" section, which consists of various rounds with puzzles.
At the beginning of [[Pokémon Puzzle League]], there is a short animated introduction where [[Ash Ketchum]] receives a phone call from Professor Oak, telling him that he has been selected as a challenger of the Puzzle League Tournament at [[Puzzle League]]. In the Prof. Oak's Labs at the Puzzle Village, Professor Oak explains how to play this game.
===In the Pokémon Trading Card Game series===
In {{ga|Pokémon Trading Card Game}} and [[Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!]], the {{OBP|Professor Oak|Base Set 88}} and the {{OBP|Imposter Professor Oak|Base Set 73}} cards are available. The latter game also includes the {{OBP|Imposter Oak's Revenge|Team Rocket 76}} card.