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List of Pokémon with form differences

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{{p|Minior}} has two forms that it changes between with its Ability, {{a|Shields Down}}. It will change from Core Form to Meteor Form atwhen theit startis ofsent aout into battle or at the end of a turn if its {{stat|HP}} is above 50% of its maximum HP. If its HP falls below 50% of its maximum HP, its shell breaks and it changes back to Core Form at the end of that turn. Outside of battle, Minior is always in Core Form. However, wild Minior are always encountered in Meteor Form.
Meteor Form and Core Form have different stats. Due to its Ability Shields Down, Meteor Form Minior cannot be afflicted by [[status condition]]s.
{{p|Cramorant}} has three base forms, all activated by its [[Ability]], {{a|Gulp Missile}}. When Cramorant activates Gulp Missile with over 50% {{stat|HP}}, it will changestart intoin Gulpingits Form, where it tries to swallow an {{p|Arrokuda}}. If an opponent hits Gulping Form Cramorant with an attack, it will spit out the Arrokuda, damaging the opponent and lowering their {{stat|Defense}}. If Cramorant's HP is under 50%, it will change into Gorging Form, where it attempts to swallow a {{p|Pikachu}} instead. If an opponent hits Gorging Form Cramorant, the counterattack will damage and {{status|Paralyze}}standard themform.
If Cramorant uses {{m|Surf}} or {{m|Dive}} while it is over 50% {{stat|HP}}, it will change into Gulping Form. If Gulping Form Cramorant is hit with a damaging attack, the attacker will take damage equal to 25% of their maximum HP, and have their {{stat|Defense}} lowered by one stage.
If Cramorant uses {{m|Surf}} or {{m|Dive}} while it is under 50% HP, it will change into Gorging Form. If Gorging Form Cramorant is hit with a damaging attack, the attacker will take damage equal to 25% of their maximum HP, and become {{status|Paralyzed}}.
After a Cramorant in either Gulping Form or Gorging Form is hit by a damaging attack, it will revert back to its standard form.
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{{p|Alcremie}} have two different parameters in which their forms differ: cream color and type of sweet. Cream affects the color of Alcremie's body (unless it is {{Shiny}}), while sweetssweet affect its eye color andaffects the decoration on its body. Whileand Shinyits Alcremieeye stillcolor. haveThere anare associatednine different types of cream, therecolors isand noseven visualdifferent differencetypes betweenof thesweets. differentThere creamscan amongbe Shinyany Alcremiecombination (exceptof increams menuwith spritessweets, whichresulting arein not63 affecteddifferent bynon-[[Gigantamax]] Shinyforms coloration)of Alcremie.
Alcremie's creamform is determineddecided bywhen howit long,evolves whatfrom direction,{{p|Milcery}}. andMilcery whatevolves timefrom theAlcremie while holding a [[Sweet]] when its playerTrainer spins and posesstrikes toa evolvepose while it fromis {{p|Milcery}}in the party. ThereThe aretype nineof differentsweet creams:on Alcremie is dependent on which Sweet it was holding, while the cream color varies depending on time of day, the length of the spin, and whether the Trainer was spinning clockwise or counterclockwise.
* Vanilla Cream: Spin clockwise quickly in the day
* Ruby Cream: Spin anti-clockwise quickly in the day
* Matcha Cream: Spin clockwise quickly at night
* Salted Cream: Spin anti-clockwise quickly at night
* Lemon Cream: Spin clockwise for over 5 seconds at night
* Ruby Swirl: Spin anti-clockwise for over 5 seconds in the day
* Caramel Swirl: Spin clockwise for over 5 seconds in the day
* Mint Cream: Spin anti-clockwise for over 5 seconds at night
* Rainbow Swirl: Spin anti-clockwise for over 10 seconds at dusk
All Alcremie's sweetforms ishave basedaccess onto the same Gigantamax form. Gigantamax Alcremie can be obtained in all different cream flavors in [[SweetWild Area News]] Milcery[[Max heldRaid inBattle]]s, orderbut toonly evolve.with UnlikeStrawberry cream,Sweets. aOutside differenceof inWild sweetArea isNews, visibleonly onVanilla ShinyCream Gigantamax Alcremie. Therecan arebe sevenencountered differentin Sweets:Max Raid Battles.
* [[Strawberry Sweet]]
* [[Berry Sweet]]
* [[Love Sweet]]
* [[Star Sweet]]
* [[Clover Sweet]]
* [[Flower Sweet]]
* [[Ribbon Sweet]]
DueWhile toAlcremie's allcream ofcolors theeach have different creamnames, menu sprites, and sweetPokédex combinationsentries, theresweets areonly 63affect differentAlcremie's formsappearance ofand Alcremienothing else.
[[Gigantamax]] Alcremie can be obtained in all different flavors in [[Wild Area News]] [[Max Raid Battle]]s, but only with Strawberry Sweets. (Outside of Wild Area News, only Vanilla Cream Gigantamax Alcremie can be encountered in Max Raid Battles.) The [[Star Sweet|Star]] and [[Ribbon Sweet]]s are not currently obtainable, so neither are the corresponding Alcremie.
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{{p|Eiscue}} has two forms thatcalled itIce changesFace betweenForm withand itsNoice Ability,Face Form. When an Eiscue in Ice Face Form that has the {{a|Ice Face}}. WhenAbility is hit by a [[physical move]], Eiscueit changesdoes fromnot Icetake damage and instead transforms into Noice Face formForm. toIn Noice Face formForm, decreasingit has itsdecreased {{stat|Defense}} and {{stat|Special Defense}} and increasing itsincreased {{stat|Speed}}, and it can be damaged by normal means. When in Noice Face Form, Eiscue canwill change back to Ice Face form when the weather changes toif {{weather|hail}} begins while it is on the field, or if it is sent out into battle while it is hailing.
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{{p|Morpeko}} has two modesforms duethat toit itsswitches between using its {{a|Hunger Switch}} Ability: Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode. When in Full Belly Mode, its signature move, {{m|Aura Wheel}}, becomes {{type|Electric}}. type; whenWhen in Hangry Mode, {{m|Aura Wheel}} becomes {{type|Dark}}. It will start in Full Belly Mode, and then switch between modesforms at the end of every turn.
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===Zacian and Zamazenta{{anchor|Zacian}}{{anchor|Zamazenta}}===
The [[Legendary Pokémon]] {{p|Zacian}} and {{p|Zamazenta}} have two forms each that change their appearance, stats, and types. Their default forms are both called Hero of Many Battles, whileform. While in {{pkmn|battle}}, Zacian becomes Crowned Sword Zacian if holding itsa [[Rusted Sword]], while Zamazenta becomes Crowned Shield Zamazenta if holding its signaturea [[Rusted Shield]]. Similar to {{p|Xerneas}}, Zacian and Zamazenta will appear in their Hero of Many Battles form outside of battle, even if they are holding their signaturerespective items, such as when the player is {{pkmn|Camp}}ing.
The move {{m|Iron Head}} will become {{m|Behemoth Blade}} for Crowned Sword Zacian, or {{m|Behemoth Bash}} for Crowned Shield Zamazenta.
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During the climax of {{g|Sword and Shield}}, the player confronts a powered-up version of {{p|Eternatus}} known as Eternamax Eternatus, which is fought in a semi-scripted [[Max Raid Battle]] and uses [[Max Move]]s like a [[Dynamax]]ed Pokémon. This form has the highest base stats of any form of Pokémon to date and is currently unobtainable by the player. However, the form canmakes bea seencameo whenin Eternatusthe usesmove animation for {{m|Eternabeam}}, although it does not affect Eternatus's base stats or any aspects of gameplay.
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