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* In the [[EP002|second episode]] of the anime, there is an engraving on a wall in the Viridian City Pokémon Center that depicts the [[Legendary birds]]. Ash mistakes the Articuno engraving as {{p|Ho-Oh}}. While the blue coloration of the stone indicates the {{t|Ice}} type, and the wings and crest feathers are those of Articuno, the multiple tail feathers look nothing like Articuno's tail, being more similar in appearance to those of Ho-Oh.
* In {{3v2|Red|Blue|Yellow}}, as well as {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}}, there are binoculars in the [[gate]] separating [[Fuchsia City]] from {{rt|15|Kanto}}, through which Articuno can be seen flying toward the sea. It is still visible in the binoculars even if it is captured or defeated in the [[Seafoam Islands]].
* In the opening of ''[[EP188|Spring Fever]]'', {{Todd}} points out a tall mountain that is Articuno's home. This mountain is, on the outside, the same as [[Ice Island]], Articuno's home in ''[[M02|The Power of One]]''.
* In {{g|Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness}}, it is the only one in its trio that cannot be encountered unless the player enters an event password.