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Honedge (Pokémon)

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Honedge appears to be based conceptually on a fully sentient, possessed {{wp|magic sword|magical sword}}. The fact that it starts off as an ordinary sword may mean it could be based on the {{wp|bushido}} mythos behind {{wp|katana}} use; katanas possessed the user {{wp|Samurai|samurai's}} soul and attacked of its own free will. In Japanese legends, any object left behind or forgotten by its owner can and will after a while become a {{wp|tsukumogami}}, and most commonly in legends, swords or umbrellas were the ones to attack humans. Considering it drains the life of those who wield it, it may have also been based on the cursed {{wp|tyrfing}}. Visually, considering its build and hilt, Honedge seems to be based on either a {{wp|spatha}}, {{wp|claymore}}, or possibly {{wp|jian}} sword, with its own {{wp|scabbard}} and {{wp|Hilt#Sword_knot|tassel}}-like prehensile limb. The design on both Honedge and Doublade's sheath resembles that of a {{wp|triquetra}}, clearly depicted on Honedge and more ornately designed on Doublade's. Its shiny form resembles a bloodsoaked sword.
====Name origin====