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Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!

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New features: Add reference to Minicom
* In addition to all of the areas found in [[TCG Island]] in the first game, a second island, [[GR Island]], is explorable as well.
* When typing a player or deck name, lowercase letters are available, unlike the first game where only capital letters were available. The {{TCG|type}} symbols are also available as characters.
* [[Minicom]] is a new option accessible from the menu: it rearranges the e-mail system and simplifies the access to the [[Deck Save Machine]], still available in [[Mason Laboratory]], and to the card catalogue.
* Over than seventy new prebuilt {{OBP|Deck|GB}}s are available in the [[Auto Deck Machine]]s.
* The GR Challenge Cup and the Grand Master Cup are two new [[Challenge Hall|Challenge Cup]] tournaments held in [[Trading Card Game Islands]].
* [[Dr. Mason]] now offers the player a [[PC#Deck diagnosis|Deck diagnosis]], giving advices about how to build a deck and checking their current one.