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Pokémon Trading Card Game (game)

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Link to the Duel (GB) article and a little reference to the Club Members that were never mentioned
{{main|Duel (GB)}}
* The duel screen shows only one Pokémon card on each side of the field at once, displaying its name, HP, and number of {{TCG|Energy card|Energy cards}}. Additionally, the number number of cards in the deck and on the Bench are also displayed.
* Various commands are found below the duel scene.
There are eight Pokémon Clubs on Trading Card Game Island, each with their own type affiliation. Three different [[Club Member]]s duel the player inside each Pokémon Club. The Club Masters are [[Nikki]] ({{TCG|Grass}}), {{FB|Club Master|Rick}} ([[Grass (TCG)|Poison]]), {{FB|Club Master|Ken}} ({{TCG|Fire}}), {{FB|Club Master|Amy}} ({{TCG|Water}}), {{FB|Club Master|Isaac}} ({{TCG|Lightning}}), [[Murray]] ({{TCG|Psychic}}), [[Gene]] ([[Fighting (TCG)|Rock]]) and {{FB|Club Master|Mitch}} ({{TCG|Fighting}}).
===Grand Masters===