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Flygon (Pokémon)

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* Flygon shares its {{pkmn|category|categories}} with {{p|Xatu}}. They are both known as the Mystic Pokémon in English, and the Spirit Pokémon in Japanese.
* Flygon has the same base {{stat|Attack}} stat as its base form, {{p|Trapinch}}.
** AllDespite ofthis, VibravaFlygon's [[base stats]] go up byare exactly 30 points whengreater itthan evolvesthose intoof Flygonits {{p|Vibrava|pre-evolution}}.
* Flygon's [[Effort values|effort value]] [[List of Pokémon by effort value yield|yield]] of 1 Attack and 2 Speed is unique.
* According to [[Ken Sugimori]] in his interview in the Nintendo Dream magazine, Flygon was intended to get a [[Mega Evolution]] in [[Pokémon X and Y]], but the idea was later dropped due to him experiencing an artist's block.