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Thrifty Megamart (Abandoned Site)

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The abandoned Thrifty Megamart first appeared in ''[[PASM16|A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart]]''. [[Acerola]] took {{adv|Sun}} and [[Lillie]] there so that the former could complete his second trial. Acerola gave Sun a {{p|Mismagius}}-shaped camera and told him that in order to complete the trial, he had to take a picture of the [[Totem Pokémon]] that lived inside the building.
After Acerola left to do other business, Sun and Lillie entered the Thrifty Megamart, only to be surprised by the wild Pokémon that lived inside as well as a variety of objects moving all on their own. After being scared by what was nothing more than a dirty {{p|Pikachu}} doll, Sun discovered what appeared to be another type of Pikachu {{pkmn|doll}}. The "doll" then attacked Sun, revealing its true identity as the Totem of the Thrifty Megamart: Totem {{p|Mimikyu}}. Sun sent out his {{p|Torracat}}, {{adv|Dollar}}, to battle Mimikyu, and used {{adv|Moon}}'s [[Rotom Pokédex]]'s Poké Finder function to replace the camera that was destroyed when Mimikyu revealed itself. Due to Mimikyu's speed, Sun was unable to keep up long enough to snap a picture, so he had Dollar use {{m|Inferno Overdrive}} in the hopes that the [[Z-Move]]'s power would be able to stun Mimikyu long enough to take the shot. While the attack successfully hit, all it did was break Mimikyu's {{a|disguise}}, leaving the Totem itself completely unscathed. Sun realized that Mimikyu kept attacking him instead of Dollar, soon coming to the conclusion that the reason for this was because he had insulted its appearance and mistaken it for a Pikachu. This caused Mimikyu to calm down, allowing Rotom Pokédex to translate its speech, revealing how Mimikyu had made itself look like Pikachu to be liked by people. Sun then asked Mimikyu to join his [[party|team]], saying that humans wouldn't learn to understand it if it just kept hiding. Mimikyu accepted the offer, and thus, after Rotom had taken a picture of Sun and Mimikyu together and emailed it to Acerola, Sun caught Mimikyu, [[nickname|nicknaming]] it "FrancPenny". Acerola's reply came almost immediately, confirming that Sun had passed the trial.