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In ''[[PASM16|A Photoshoot and the Abandoned Thrifty Megamart]]'', Dexio and Sina arrived on [[Ula'ula Island]]. In the five months that passed since they arrived in Alola, the duo managed to gather sixty percent of Zygarde's Cells. Later, they spotted {{adv|Sun}} using {{p|Stoutland}} [[Poké Ride|Search]] and decided to ask him to help find the remaining Cells.
In ''[[PASM18|Confusion and Monsters from Another World]]'', Dexio and Sina infiltrated the [[Aether House]], where they met Sun and requested that he help them find Zygarde's Cells. While he was initially reluctant, Sun agreed after Dexio and Sina offered to pay him a large amount of money for each Cell he found. After receiving a [[Zygarde Cube]] to store the Cells in as well as a [[Pidgebot|Mecha]] {{p|Fletchling}} to keep in touch with Dexio and Sina, Sun set off.
In [[PASM29]], Dexio and Sina introduced [[Samson Oak]] to the Reassembly Unit at the Aether Base on {{rt|16|Alola}}, which they planned to use to control Zygarde's forms. Later, Dexio, Sina, Samson, and [[Lillie]] set off to [[Mount Lanakila]] to investigate an [[Ultra Wormhole]] that appeared above the area. Before they could leave, a large swarm of Zygarde Cells and a Core converged into the Reassembly Unit and emerged as a Complete Forme Zygarde. Shortly afterward, Sun emerged from the wormhole and was rescued by Zygarde. Dexio and the others traveled to Mount Lanakila, where they found an injured [[Nebby|Lunala]] and [[Lusamine]]. After Lillie helped free her mother from the {{p|Nihilego}} she was fused with, Lusamine fainted. Sun tried getting Zygarde to take Lusamine to a hospital, only to notice that {{p|Necrozma}} had arrived.
|img=Dexio Espeon Adventures.png
|epname=Confusion and Monsters from Another World
|desc={{p|Espeon}} is Dexio's only known Pokémon. It was first used to fight the Headmaster {{p|Oranguru}} at the [[Aether House]].