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List of Pokémon with form differences

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{{p|Alcremie}} hashave ninetwo nameddifferent baseparameters variants,in basedwhich ontheir howforms long,differ: what direction,cream and whatsweet. timeCream affects the playercolor spinsof andAlcremie's posesbody when(unless evolvingit its base form,is {{p|MilceryShiny}}. These nine forms have seven further variants), basedwhile onsweets theaffect sweetits Milceryeye iscolor holding atand the time, which affects Alcremie's decoration andon eyeits colorbody. TheseWhile sweetsShiny includeAlcremie [[Strawberrystill Sweet]],have [[Berryan Sweet]],associated [[Love Sweet]]cream, [[Starthere Sweet]],is [[Cloverno Sweet]],visual [[Flowerdifference Sweet]],between and [[Ribbon Sweet]]. This gives Alcremie a total of 63the different forms.creams [[Gigantamax]]among Alcremie can have any of the nine base variants, but it can only have Strawberry Sweets. While {{Shiny}} Alcremie all(except sharein themenu same base colorsprites, theywhich canare benot decoratedaffected withby sweets likeShiny normalcoloration).
Alcremie's cream is determined by how long, what direction, and what time the player spins and poses to evolve it from {{p|Milcery}}. There are nine different creams:
* Vanilla Cream: Spin clockwise quickly in the day
* Ruby Cream: Spin anti-clockwise quickly in the day
* Matcha Cream: Spin clockwise quickly at night
* Salted Cream: Spin anti-clockwise quickly at night
* Lemon Cream: Spin clockwise for over 5 seconds at night
* Ruby Swirl: Spin anti-clockwise for over 5 seconds in the day
* Caramel Swirl: Spin clockwise for over 5 seconds in the day
* Mint Cream: Spin anti-clockwise for over 5 seconds at night
* Rainbow Swirl: Spin anti-clockwise for over 10 seconds at dusk
Alcremie's sweet is based on the [[Sweet]] Milcery held in order to evolve. Unlike cream, a difference in sweet is visible on Shiny Alcremie. There are seven different Sweets:
* [[Strawberry Sweet]]
* [[Berry Sweet]]
* [[Love Sweet]]
* [[Star Sweet]]
* [[Clover Sweet]]
* [[Flower Sweet]]
* [[Ribbon Sweet]]
Due to all of the different cream and sweet combinations, there are 63 different forms of Alcremie.
[[Gigantamax]] Alcremie can be obtained in all different flavors in [[Wild Area News]] [[Max Raid Battle]]s, but only with Strawberry Sweets. (Outside of Wild Area News, only Vanilla Cream Gigantamax Alcremie can be encountered in Max Raid Battles.) The [[Clover Sweet|Clover]] and [[Ribbon Sweet]]s are not currently obtainable, so neither are the corresponding Alcremie.
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