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Pokémon in the United Kingdom

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Pokémon games
All Pokémon games that have been released in {{pmin|the United States}} have also been released in the United Kingdom except [[Hey You, Pikachu!]]. Additionally, English language versions of [[Pokémon Tetris]] and [[Learn with Pokémon: Typing Adventure]] have been released in the United Kingdom, despite the title never being released in North America. The United Kingdom release dates tend to be some time after the American release dates, with the exception of {{g|Dash}}, [[PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure]], and {{game|Black and White|s}}, which were released in the United Kingdom before the United States.
Games that are released in the United Kingdom are inconsistent with {{wp|American and British English spelling differences|British English spelling}}. For example, spelling variations such as ''color'' and ''center'' are not changed to ''colour'' and ''centre'' for the UK releases. This is due to most games using a single English translation as localised by [[The Pokémon Company International]] in the United States. However, the [[Generation VIII]] games reference some British slang such as "mum" and "chaps".
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